Late Night Drinking Thoughts 9

stainless steel beer dispenser

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Ok, there are three things that EVERYONE should remember when dealing with a drunk person;

  1. Listen VERY CLOSELY to what they have to say. Not all of it is bullshit!
  2. Stay NO MORE than a foot away from them at ALL TIMES. Because there’s a chance that drunk bastard will be rumbling and STUMBLING on home.
  3. Fast food is your friend. Get them fast food, they fall asleep, and they don’t piss you off as much.

And while you’re doing that, you may hear a few thoughts be uttered from their face, such as;

People who talk wirelessly on their devices in the checkout line are TOOLBAGS! I mean, talking on the phone is one thing; BUT talking on your wireless devices is another. When doing so, there is little to no discernible evidence that you are actually on the phone, which leads others (like the cashier) to believe one of two things;

  1. You’re clinically insane, OR;

Because of that, you will more-than-likely get an; “Are you talking to me?” thrown your way. And instead of responding with the same old snarky; “Um, I’m on the phone,” that you normally do, just HANG UP! Whoever the hell that was on the other end can wait the minute or so it takes to ring up your transaction.

What kind of person DOESN’T put handles on their cases of beer? I mean seriously, who the HELL doesn’t put handles on their cases of beer? It’s an OUTRAGE!

I bring this up because just the other day, I was picking up a few brews for my mother for her birthday. The case was stacked rather high, so I spent a few seconds searching desperately for handles on either side of the box. BUT, since the makers didn’t have the foresight to actually PUT handles on the box, I had to pick it up with both hands and hug the damn thing like it was my child.

It was RIDICULOUS! I even had children riding in carts rolling past me saying; “Mommy, why’s that man dumb?” It’s because THERE WERE NO HANDLES!

Why in the WORLD would you get married in your early twenties? Granted, this thought kind of takes a HUGE left turn when it comes to topics discussed in this article. But, it still fits the bill of “random” thoughts.

So…….WHY would someone get married in their early twenties? I mean, these are MAJOR years in every young-adult’s life! They are the first four or five years where you can actually drink, go out to the bars, live on your own, and truly feel like an adult. And, you want to ruin all of that by tying yourself down?

To the single folks that are 21 and over, take it from me; date who you want (legally), party when you want (legally), and just live your life to the FULLEST (legally)! You have PLENTY of time to get married in the future, just live in the NOW!


Do you have any drinking thoughts of your own? Do you have any comments regarding the topics that I brought up? Let me know in the comment section below, or on one of our various social media accounts;

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