Am I A SneakerHead?

Oddly enough, I’ve been asked this question rather frequently when it comes to the amount of shoes that I have. And my answer has always been the same; “Eh, um, noooo? I just like shoes! But I do have a strong sock game! (#SockGameStrong).”

And that’s true, I do have a stellar sock game. But when it comes to shoes; if I’m not a “sneakerhead,” then what am I? What would I be classified as?

So to me, a sneakerhead has more than twenty pairs of shoes in their collection that make up all the colors of the rainbow. This said collection would be made up of various high-end sneaker brands, like Jordans and Lebrons; BUT also have a few surprises as well, like Ewings and various “Players Editions.”

Me, well, I’m a cheap bastard! I comb through clearance racks, and search for every deal that I possibly can. I’m not the person that will pay exorbitant amounts of money just because the shoe has somebody’s name on it. I’m going to make sure that I actually like, AND WILL WEAR, the damn thing before I ever consider buying it.

And that’s the other thing I notice about sneakerheads; many of them won’t put the shoe on their foot. They’ll just collect it because of the name, and let it sit on a shelf collecting dust. They treat these shoes like they’re works of art, and not something that can be used practically…… wearing on your feet.

For me, I choose my shoes because I actually like them, and I can see myself wearing them on a consistent basis. Take my red Kyrie 3’s for example; these were ABSOLUTELY out of my comfort zone when it came to footwear. I was a creature of habit with footwear, wearing only various blue and black shoes for YEARS. But, once I saw these BRIGHT RED sneakers, I knew I had to have them; (google them if you’re not sure what they look like).

And guess what, I wear them! I don’t stick them on a shelf like they are an ornament to gather dust. I mean, it’s made to be worn ladies and gentlemen. It’s made to be put on a foot and walked around in, whether it’s on the court, working out, or just hanging out with friends.

So personally, I wouldn’t consider myself a “sneakerhead.” In fact, if I had to be called something, would I be considered a “sneaker-connoisseur?” (Wow, that sounds SUPER white!)


I need to know though, what would I be called based on what I have said? And what are some of your favorite shoes out there? Let me know in the comments section below, or on one of our various social media accounts;

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