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*Disclaimer: Neither C.S. nor Kellen are a licensed therapist.*

The Bar, the pub, the watering hole; whatever you call it, your local bar is a great place to unwind from a crazy day.

Alternatively, if you can’t make it to a bar, you could always call a few friends over and talk over a few cold ones. You need to remember that conversing with the ones closest to you is something healthy that we all need to do from time to time.

Let’s face it, everyone goes through tough times in their life. It’s part of…well…LIFE! But, to quote the theme song of the classic sitcom Cheers; “People wanna go where everybody knows their name.”

In that show every week, someone comes into the bar with some kind of issue. And who is there to help the troubled person out?! Their friends! Now, lucky for them, one of the local barflies in that show was a therapist. He would help analyze the situation and give sound advice where he could.

Everyone knows you don’t have to be a therapist to give advice, especially in a bar. Some of us give advice when it’s not really asked for in the first place. But our intentions are still good and noble.

I have a handful of friends that I go to for advice.

To start off, there’s always that one friend that I go to in particular to get, what I like to call, “a verbal kick in the ass.”  You never know when stuff is going to hit the fan, and you find yourself needing someone to tell you to trust in yourself.

Highlighting that person should not diminish the roles the other friends play. The above example is just a go-to when you just need straight-forward honesty.

But sometimes, a lighter touch works best. This is a friend that you can call everyday, who you see as a leading example of how to do the right thing in situations. This person gives advice in a more careful, gentler manner. This person rings in your ear whenever you are slightly unsure of something.

Different friends bring different advice to the table. That’s why the “funny friend” is always a good person to go to for a quick laugh. They are always good for a laugh, but on occasion, the punchlines can really stick with you.

Lastly, if you just need someone else in the room so that you don’t feel alone, the quiet friend is perfect for that. From going to the bar or staying in for a bonfire, not much needs to be said when you’re hanging out with this friend. You might even find that moment of clarity that you were searching for for so long.

So, allow me to raise a glass to; 

1. The friends that provide guidance in moments of uncertainty, trepidation, fear, and panic.

2. The friends that are always there when you need them, even when they physically can’t be, and;

3. To the friends that make us laugh and give us that oh so needed moment of clarity; this one is for you. For what we pay in beer/drinks pales in comparison to what we would have to pay in therapy bills.  


*ATTENTION: If you are having serious issues with any mental or emotional problems, please go see an actual therapist. We here at MWBFG care about our audience and if anyone is struggling with something, please consult a professional.*




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  • Very nice article and the reference of cheers nailed it.
    Everyone should forward this article to their own Cheers therapists.


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