The Circle Game And You

A simple and dumb game with unknown origins, “The Circle Game” is argued to have started in the 1970’s or 1980’s in the good Ol’ USA.

The end-goal of the game is to allow people to hit one another, and is mainly played by siblings and close groups of friends…if you play this by yourself, that’s very sad and arguably dumber than this game already is. 

The rules are quite simple:

One person makes a circle with their index finger and thumb; a.k.a the “ok symbol.” If a person who is playing the game looks at the circle, the person who made the circle is allowed to hit their arm with a closed fist.

There are restrictions however, such as:

The circle has to be made and held below waist level. There’s no walking up to someone and shoving the circle in there face so you can punch them. That will result in one free hit from the assaulted person.

Honestly, those are the only real rules of The Circle Game. Now, players can enact additional rules, such as a pause of the game while in class or while at some function.

In fact, I played it with my brother and a few of my friends growing up; after my brother and I saw it on an episode of the FOX show Malcolm In The Middle.

If you don’t believe me, google it!

Thank you for indulging me on my, painful, yet fun stroll down memory lane. 


I think I may start playing this with my brother again. 🙂

*Please note: No one at The Midwestern Barfly Gazette condones violence in any way. This, as the author has mentioned, is just a recall to his childhood and the memories of his past.* 



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