5 Tips For Enjoying The Night As The Designated​ Driver

So, you’ve been chosen to be the DD of your group for tonight. Before you go flying off the handle and being bummed about being left out of the fun, let me show you some of the cool stuff the DD can do during the night on the town.

  1. Practice Your Tight 5: Most comics and performers will tell you that the best audience is a drunk audience. For the most part that is true. Start off with a few warm-up jokes when your friends start getting their drinks on.
    • Pro Tip: If they start off with strong drinks, you can break into your “A” material sooner rather than later.
  2. Be The Wing Man: While sitting at the bar listening to your friends drunkin’ ramblings, scope out the females around you and point them out to the next most sober person in your group. See if they are interested and see what kind of game they have. Then help them get the number and in return, they will help you when you find a lady or guy of interest.
  3. People Watch: Scan the room for the most interesting people at the bar and keep an eye on them; they might be good for a laugh or two. From knocking over chairs to being kicked out of the bar, people do some crazy stuff when they have been drinking copious amounts of alcohol.
    • Pro Tip: The great part about being sober for this one is that you will remember what happened at the bar last night, while your friends may not be as lucky…
  4. “Special” Drink: It’s getting close to closing time, and your friends are pretty well into their drunkin’ night. At this point, you’ve made friends with the bartender, who has been serving you water and virgin drinks all night. But now, it’s time to make that friendship last! Have them make your friends a “special” drink; a nightcap if you will. Have the bartender make a round of mixed drinks for your friends, while you stick with whatever you are drinking. Your friends, if they are “well lubricated,” will drink the mixed drinks with no problem! They may even complement the bartender on how great the drinks taste. What makes them special? There is not a DROP of alcohol in them.
    • Pro Tip: This actually works, I have done this to one of my friends and they loved the drink.
  5.  DJ: So you are on your way home, making sure everyone gets home safely. But your friends have gotten that sudden burst of “Drunkin Hulk” energy. They are ready to hit another spot to keep the party going. That’s when you pop on your go-to “Party Playlist” and turn the music UP!! This allows you to keep to the plan of getting everyone home while they think they are ramping up for a party.  But distance does play a factor; so if anyone lives close by, take them home last or drive around a bit so they can get their energy out. These manic moments normally don’t last very long.  By the time you get them to their homes safe and sound, they are out cold or about to go to sleep.
    • Pro Tip: Hide glow sticks in your car to bring the mock party to you. Your drunk friends will buy it and think you are the master of party prep. 

In closing, don’t look at being the DD as a punishment; look at it as an opportunity to practice your comic abilities, be the wingman, people watch, mess with your inebriated friends, and be the best DJ/Pre-Party Hype Man/Woman ever!!


Alow me to raise a glass to the friends that keep us safe and make sure people are alright while the rest of us get messed up. This one is for you, designated driver.

We here at MWBFG love to cover stories and tips about socials and having a good time with a drink in hand. But no one said that drink has to be alcoholic. Please drink responsibly and drive safe.



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