The Bulls NEED To Trade That Seventh Pick!!!!

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The Bulls will not get ANYONE worth a damn at the seventh overall pick. The Bulls NEED to move that pick at ALL COSTS!

For those that have followed my thoughts from the beginning, you would know that I relinquished my fandom for the Chicago Bulls a while back. The way that this team had spiraled out of control just pissed me off greatly, and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean I can’t critique their decisions from time to time…….

Please tell me who is worth a damn in this draft at seven? Coby White? Darius Garland? I mean, they are both great point guards in their own right. HOWEVER, they are NOT the talent that this squad needs to help turn things around. In my opinion, all they will end up being is another player in the revolving door of Bulls point guards to come through since Derrick Rose. Then once their contract is up, they will probably want OUT!

Or what about Cam Reddish from Duke? Even though he kind of played “third fiddle” to Zion and RJ Barrett last season, he is still a very talented player that can get things done. And hell, the Bulls have been looking for more help at the small-forward position; (if Otto Porter doesn’t stay after his contract is up).

But, once again, he’s not that “star” that they are looking for.

Granted, some may say that the Bulls already have Lauri Markkanen as their “star in the making,” and that they just need better talent to round out the squad. BUT, one star is not going to make a championship caliber team in this league nowadays.

And I don’t give a shit who, or what pick, they trade #7 for. ALL I CARE ABOUT is if it matches these three criteria;

  1. The pick is higher than seven.
  2. The talent they receive is someone you can build around; (under 26 years of age).
  3. The talent they receive is not on an expiring contract.


But, what do YOU think the Bulls should do with the seventh pick? Should they trade it, or keep it? Let me know in the comments section below, or on one of our various social media accounts;

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