What Smell Is Worse: A Fart In A Spacesuit, Or Fish In A Submarine?

Don’t sit there and tell me you never had a conversation like this before. We’ve all had that moment at the bar, drunk off our ass, where we had long convos about the most RANDOM topics with our friends. It’s science………I think!


Both of these scents are absolutely GROTESQUE! I mean, a fart is HORRIBLE by itself. BUT, if you have to constrict it to the confines of a spacesuit, you might as well kiss your ass GOOD BYE! Because depending on what you had that day, you might not survive “seven minutes with flatulence.”

And from the twitter poll I put up recently, it looks like other people agree with me;

Me personally, I have to side with the 90%. Although the smell of fish can get REALLY bad after a while, there’s no escaping a nasty fart inside the confines of a spacesuit.

(I think you can imagine how the situation would play out without me going into detail. #GROSS!)

But what do you think? Which would you choose? And are there any CRAZY arguments that you’ve been in while you’re drunk at the bar? Let me know in the comments section below, or on one of our various social media accounts;

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