MWBFG Dating Stories: Sleeping At A Movie

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Everybody loves a good dating story, right? So I thought; why not share one with all of you?

So a movie theater is an obvious choice for one of your first dates, right? It’s dark, it’s sometimes “romantic,” and your ability to enjoy each other’s company can really be tested.

And sometimes, folks can become a bit to………”comfortable.”

It was our second date, and we went to go see this sappy chick-flick that my date was just DYING to see. I said sure because, obviously, it was still early in this “relationship.” I was prepared to say whatever I could to keep things going.

But dear LORDDDDDDD it was so boring, I couldn’t stand it! This movie was another one of those cheesy BS stories where the girl falls for the guy due to some WACKY circumstance, and then they break up, but then they get back together in the end due to another WACKY circumstance.

SOOOOOO, I did what any other guy would do in this situation; I shut my eyes. I shut my eyes for what only seemed like a few minutes, just to gain a little more energy for the rest of the night. And when I opened them, to my surprise, the credits were beginning to roll. I thought to myself; “Damn, how wacky? That ended quicker then I ever would have expected.”

I then looked over at my date, and believe me when I say that if we were in a cartoon, there would have been steam shooting out of her ears. If we were in a cartoon, I could have expected her head to explode like an atom bomb. Then, she wound up, and I knew I was fucked!

In one fell swoop, I felt her hand strike me across my face with GREAT FORCE; followed by a boisterous; “YOU ASSHOLE,” that sent a shockwave down everyone’s spine in the theater. Then, she stood up, and proceeded to march her way out of the door.

Don’t worry, you’re safe in saying that I was never going to see her again……

Dates: 1 – Kellen: 0


Do you have any dating stories like this one? Do you believe I was in the wrong with this? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of our various social media accounts:

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