The team here at Midwestern Barfly Gazette is happy to announce the new Midwestern Barfly Gazette BOOK CLUB!! I know it is a mouth full…we call it MWBFG Book Club for short.

The team here at MWBFG are looking to get into reading more books, novels, and even collections of short stories. So we thought we would share this with our audience and make the experience interactive.

We have set up a group on our official Facebook page to announce the book we are reading for that month, and to discuss it with our followers. Any MWBFG member that is participating in the read will put all of their thoughts into an article once they have completed said book.

Of course, everyone is welcome to take part in the book club; both reading and discussing. But please, make sure the discussions are civil. If one month you don’t like the book we are reading, come back the next month and see what new title we discuss.

Due to some book lengths, some books might be extended beyond a one month read.


Please, come check out the new MWBFG Book Club to find out more and see what books we are reading.

Our first book is ‘El Narco’ by Ioan Grillo


Thank you,





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