Late Night Drinking Thoughts 10

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Before we get into the “nitty gritty” of Late Night Drinking Thoughts 10, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has followed this series from the beginning. These articles receive some of my HIGHEST traffic whenever they are put out, which means I must be doing something right.

So, for the TENTH TIME on The Midwestern Barfly Gazette, let’s get to some Drinking Thoughts;

Ladies, what makes you think asking a guy to “buy you a drink” should INSTANTLY get you a free drink? You might not believe me, but this is SO TRUE! There are actually women out there who will go up to guys at the bar and tell them that they should buy THEM a drink for no apparent reason.

Listen here; I’m a CHEAP S.O.B, and many of you already know that. If you try and come up to me with that garbage, one of two things are going to happen;

  1. I’m going to ask if you want to get to know each other first; (I’m not a COMPLETE asshole).
  2. If you have a “tone” to your voice that pisses me off, I’ll just tell you straight out; “Nah, I’m good.”

Do you go “head-to-head,” or “feet-to-feet?” Imagine this with me for a second; you’re going on a dude’s vacation for the week, and it turns out wherever you guys are staying is rather cramped. It has the capability to sleep multiple people…….but not comfortably. What do you do?

Well, you need to set some boundaries; who’s comfortable with beds being head-to-head, who’s comfortable with beds being feet-to-feet, who kicks/moves around in their sleep, etc…… If you don’t get this shit out of the way early, then you run the risk of possibly knocking somebody out later on in the trip.

Take me for example; apparently, I move around ALOT when I sleep. For some reason, “Sleep Kellen” can never get comfortable, and is always moving around trying to find the best spot. Because of that, you’re not going to want to sleep head-to-feet with me in the room; I’ll end up giving you a concussion by night two.


What do you think about my drinking thoughts? Do you have any drinking thoughts of your own? Let me know in the comment section below, or on one of our various social media accounts;

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