Battle Of The Seasons: Summer Thunder

sea sky beach holiday

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There is one thing I could never really understand, and that is how people could hate the summer. I have heard people say, “it’s too hot” or “the bugs really wreck the season for me.” …Really?That’s what you don’t like about the summer?…ok…Let me give you a few reasons why summer is the best season;

There are many reasons I love summer. One of my biggest reasons that is very overlooked, especially when summer is in full swing, is the fact that everything is so ALIVE! The grass and trees are bright green, flowers are fully bloomed, and not causing stress with your allergies like they do in spring…I hate you spring. 

Now people, as I mentioned, will bring up that summers can be a bit too warm at times. To that I say, grab a cold, fruity beverage, I won’t judge, and head down to your favorite body of water to cool off.

human hands and us flag

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Now even though summer does bring out the plant life and animal life; summer…well, summer also brings out more humans into the world than some of the other seasons. Have no fear……..unless you are agoraphobic, then you may wanna stay inside. If you are a social person or just like to people watch, pro tip don’t stare, this is the perfect season. From the beach, to the bar; people are out living life and enjoying the great big star in the sky we call our sun!

Let’s not forget some of the best date nights happen during summer! A 4th of July date is a classic! You two, sitting on a picnic blanket on the grass looking up at some beautiful fireworks. You get to have your arms around that special someone as pictures of summer dance swiftly through your mind; each flash taking you back to July’s gone by.

As there are multiple seasons in each year, I would love to hear from Kellen on his favorite season and see how it compares to the ‘POWERHOUSE OF FUN IN THE SUN’ that is Summer!



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