AEW……..You Have My Attention

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There has been one company that has stood tall in the professional wrestling scene for a number of years now. Granted, others have come through to try and knock them off their pedestal; but this particular company has reigned supreme over them all!

That was, until last night. That was, until May 25th. That was………UNTIL AEW CAME TO PLAY!

For those who are unaware, the new wrestling promotion AEW had their very first pay-per-view last night in Las Vegas called, Double Or Nothing. It was a spectacular night, filled with many memorable matches, debuts, and moments alike.

But is this a preview of what’s to come? Can this crew keep this pace up once their television show starts, and compete with the “big dogs” of the industry on a weekly basis?

Personally, I think they ABSOLUTELY CAN!

The only problem is, it’s hard to put into words why I believe that. There’s just something about the matches, and how they were executed, that brought me back to the good old days of wrestling. And personally, I think anyone who watched that pay-per-view last night would say the same thing.

I mean, take the Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros for instance; that was one HELL of a match, (and my favorite one too). These two teams put on a show, and did stuff that I’m just not use to seeing on American television. I was LITERALLY on the edge of my seat for the entire thing!

And not only that, even the pre-show was fantastic! That battle-royal, for one, was a thing of BEAUTY; ESPECIALLY when Tommy Dreamer brought out the weapons, (I do enjoy a nice weapons match). You don’t see pre-shows like that in “other” promotions.

This show made me feel like a kid again; the intrigue, the suspense, the surprises, EVERYTHING! I actually felt PROUD to watch a wrestling show for the first time in a LONG TIME, and I can’t wait to see what this company’s future holds.

Congrats guys! Keep it going!


What were your thoughts on their first show? Which match was your favorite? And who are you excited to see wrestle for the company? Let me know in the comments section below……

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