Battle Of The Seasons: The Magical Season Of Winter

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With the summer season returning, let me paint you all a picture really quick;

In a few months, we will be DEEP into summer, when the temperature is the MOST hot. Folks will be sitting in their homes BAKING, with A/C’s and fans on FULL BLAST, praying for some kind of cooling relief. You want to know what season you don’t have that in?


Granted, it is cold outside too; but just stay inside if you’re cold. It’s EASY to just throw on a hoodie or a blanket to keep warm. During the summer, you could strip down to your skivvies and STILL be roasting in the sun.

And the beer; oh BOY the beers during the winter are fantastic as well. During the winter, folks can have heavier stouts and porters with no problem. If you try that in the hot summer sun, you’ll just end up feeling sluggish and tired for the rest of the day!

Let’s not forget dating during the winter provides MANY more reasons to get closer with that special someone. You can make the excuse; “Oh babe, it’s so cold outside. Let’s just hangout here and watch TV all day.” Then, before you know it, you two are spooning and binge-watching your favorite TV series as the snows falls to the ground outside.

That same tactic would NEVER work during the summer if you tried it. I wouldn’t be surprised if your girlfriend ended up throwing punches at you, shouting; “It’s TOO HOT right now for your SHIT! Are you trying to kill me?”


C.S., I am proud to say that I was the winner of our first debate series……..and I’m about to go 2 for 2. Your move……..

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