Don’t Be A Dick When Asking An Athlete For An Autograph Or Picture

Have you ever seen a comment or blog online where the author is bashing a particular athlete for not signing something for them? Personally, I feel like this is what goes through their head throughout the whole situation;

Actual Situation: The person asks for an autograph from the professional athlete, and the athlete calmly and politely says; “I’m so sorry. I just want to get home and be with my family and if I give you one, then I would have to give EVERYONE an autograph.”

How The “Fan” Took It: ‘This professional athlete was extremely rude to me. He makes millions of dollars; doesn’t he KNOW that the fan pays his salary? I’m going to write a scathing, OVER THE TOP, rant on social media about it that is completely exaggerated in the hopes of getting people to feel sorry for me!”

Now, let’s break that down, shall we?

Yes, I will agree that the fans pay for a portion of the athlete’s salary. And yes, I agree that the fans should be a major priority in the athlete’s life………..BUT TO AN EXTENT!

And that “extent” could be shown in a variety of ways. Maybe it’s a pitcher who just blew a game on one pitch, and all he wants to do is spend time with his family and forget about it. Or, maybe it’s a basketball player who just missed a last-second bucket that would have sent his team to the next round of the playoffs. Do you REALLY THINK they want to sign autographs for you and the hundreds of other people that would line up………I don’t think so!

Athletes are people too folks, and many people need to understand that. They are not some “side-show” that is only being paid for your amusement; they’re human beings. If they don’t want to sign something, they probably have a good reason for it.

If you were to have caught them on another day, maybe they would have signed it? If you were to have caught them in a better mood, maybe they would have signed it? If you weren’t such a nagging prick that thinks everything revolves around you, MAYBE THEY WOULD HAVE SIGNED IT?

And I know someone is out there who is going to comment; “Well Kellen, all they do is PLAY A GAME! And they get paid MILLIONS to play said game! Why side with THEM?”

Listen, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t sign ANY autographs; that’s just not ok. All I’m saying is don’t get bent out of shape when (Player XYZ) doesn’t want to take a picture with you while he’s trying to grocery shop? Or take his daughter to daycare? Or ANY OTHER daily activities?

And calling it “just a game” is even more asinine in itself! These men and women put EVERYTHING into their sport, and are very competitive as well! If they’re upset at their performance in a game and don’t want to sign autographs because of it, then just let it be. Don’t go spouting off on social media that you didn’t get your way; you sound like a child!


What are your thoughts on athletes and autographs? Do you have any particular stories on the matter? Let us know in the comments section below, or on one of our various social media accounts;

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