Dad’s At Theme Parks

man taking selfie with girl riding on him

Photo by Brett Sayles on

I recently was on vacation at my “cable company’s theme park.” While standing in line was about as much fun as being on the phone with their customer service; I did find a bit of entertainment in people watching.

When I look at people, I see the “mysterious history” these strangers have. What were they like when they were teenagers?

This is especially true for the fathers; were they party animals? Nerds? Jocks? What’s their story?

My favorites are the fanny-pack and visor-wearing dads. When I see these dads, I just imagine them being a wild and crazy teenager.

These same guys who lifted up their shirts when the camera on the roller-coaster was just ahead, now tuck their shirts into their pants and cinch them SUPER TIGHT with the belt they got for fathers day.

So, allow me to raise a glass to the kids these men were and the men they are now. Let me raise a glass to the fathers who look at their children and see a bright future; while also endlessly worrying about them and their choices.

And to the fanny-pack, visor wearing, nerdy looking dads; thank you for being there on the rides, traveling with us on the ups and downs. Thank you for being there, laughing while we scream, and showing us that what is scary now, is a thrilling memory later.


Thank you,


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