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You do NOT understand how excited I am about this. CRAIG KIMBREL IS A FREAKING CUB!!!!!!!

According to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, “Kimbrel’s deal with the Cubs will be three years and close to $45M, sources tell The Athletic.” 

Kimbrel, who owns 333 saves in his career, will make the Cubs his fourth team in his 10 year career. This will SURELY boost a rather lack-luster Cubs bullpen, who is currently 12 for 23 in saves on the year, (as of writing this).

12 for 23? That’s sickening if you ask me. And not only that, the team hasn’t really had a solid “closer” to fall back on when the game is tight. It’s either been Pedro Strop (5 for 7), or Cishek (5 for 7) carrying the “lion’s share” in save opportunities.

What Kimbrel does is he gives the Cubs someone who can step up in the clutch to put a game away. What Kimbrel does is he gives the Cubs someone who has stepped up in tough situations before, and made the most of them.

Not only that, his presence on the mound brings a sort of “theatrics” to say the least?

I know, I know, that’s not the greatest word to use when explaining this situation. But hear me out because I do LOVE my theatrics; (I’m a showman, what do you expect).

Picture Kimbrel’s stance for me for a second; bent at the waist, right arm stuck out and cocked at a ninety-degree angle, all the while staring DAGGERS at his opponent. When I see that shit, I know………..this just got REAL! When I see that shit, I know……….we’re about to see something special.

So thank you Theo for bringing this man to the “Windy City.” And thank you, Craig Kimbrel, for signing with the team. I am SO PUMPED to see you pitch this season, and am READY for the road ahead.


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