Ode To The Bartenders

man handing a person a glass of beer

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

Bartenders, drink jockeys, or if you had a few; “Hey! youuuu behind the bar!” These time-honored professionals don’t get the recognition that I think they deserve. Yes, they give us liquor; but they also provide a bigger role. They listen to us, no matter if we are sober or slurring our words. They laugh with us, not at us, when we try to use corny pickup lines on them.

They give us advice when we need it and have an ear to bend when we just need to talk. If we had a bad day at work or are having relationship issues, the bartender is there for you; handing you a cool glass of decompression juice while providing a healthy dose of conversation.

The following message is for the bartenders I have had throughout the last few years…Yes, this is an original limerick and yes this is the first time I am trying my hand at something like this;


To Amy and Kevin.

The power couple made in heaven. You make my drink whenever I beckon.

I sit upon my stool, you watch as I try to act cool.

And strike out with girl number seven. 


Yes, that was terrible, I am aware. But I tried, and no one can fault me for that…except myself. So, on that judgmental note, I will take my leave. Be sure to tip your bartenders and waitstaff whenever you visit a fine food establishment.




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