Battle Of The Seasons: Winter Part 2

woman wearing camouflage jacket standing on snow

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If you haven’t been keeping up with this debate series, give the other three articles a look here;

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Battle Of The Seasons: Summer Part 2 (C.S.)

C.S, I have to hand it to you, you do make many valid points in your second ‘summer’ article. I mean for one, you played into my weakness for swimsuit issues, and how the Summer brings about more “bare skin” than Winter.

However, you also played into one of my strengths as well. Because you can also have bikini shots in the winter too. Even though they have some tasteful accents of fluffy boots and jackets, it’s still pretty steamy.

(Sorry Mom for that one!)

Anyway, winter is also the perfect season for any sports fan. Three of the four major sports in America are in full swing; basketball, football, and hockey. So on any given day of the week, you should be able to have at least SOMETHING to watch.

And let’s not forget THE MOSQUITOS! Yep, those DAMN mosquitos; the little pests that run amuck during the SUMMERTIME and ruin everybody’s fun. When these “buggers” are out, everyone scurries for either the “bug spray” or the indoors. It makes pool parties and barbecues almost IMPOSSIBLE to have.

But during the winter, you don’t have any mosquitos to worry about. You don’t have to worry about these little bastards sneaking into your house and biting you in the middle of the night. When it’s winter, you are FREE from the stranglehold that the mosquito population has on your life.


Now that the two sides have made their cases, it’s time for YOU to decide which is the better season; summer or winter. VOTE in the comments below, or on one of our various social media accounts to put the debate TO REST! 


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