WordPress (Pexels)…Why do You Have So Many Pictures Of Bugs Mating?!

macro photography of two fly on leaf

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

Seriously! What’s up WordPress?! Why do you have so many pictures of bugs mating in your ‘free photos’ area?

If you have a WordPress account, go to the ‘free photos’ area and type in ‘bugs’.  Ok, I should actually say that WordPress partners with ‘Pexels’ to help users have access to quality pictures for free.

So with that said, and before we go any further, let me say one thing; We here at MWBFG like your website and appreciate the ability to use ‘Pexels‘ pictures. I am sure, without that little ability, most, if not all of my articles would be without pictures… It’s true… 

Also, let me be clear; I was NOT looking for this stuff when I came across it. I was working on ANOTHER article and wanted to find a picture of a creature that lived close to the surface of the ground.

Anyone who has used the ‘free photos’ tool can tell you; with as many pictures as WordPress/Pexels has, it’s sometimes tough to find that EXACT picture that you are looking for. Example: When you type in the word ‘Animal,’ alot of pictures of different animals comes up. Alternatively, if you type in a specific animal name like ‘sloth,’ you may get zero to one picture.

of course, there are exceptions like typing in the word ‘cat’ or ‘dog’…..you get my point.

Glad we got that out of the way, now back to my main point. WordPress/Pexels, seriously! WTH! I feel like I just got through a nature documentary about the first part of the circle of life; minus the narration by Morgan Freeman.

A documentary without narration by Morgan Freeman…can that really be called a documentary?


macro photography of two fly on leaf

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com


These are just the ones I saw at a quick glance…unlike the photographers, I find this really odd to look at, and now you are joining me in this awkward feeling of WTF!! I am sure there are more pictures like this on this site…in fact, I know there are because I have used one that is not in the pictures above. To see the one I am talking about…I know you want too 😉 … click here.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to hop in a hot shower and try and go to bed.

Let me just add one last thing. To the people taking these pictures…I’d like to say I understand that catching something like the images above on camera is something like a 1 in a million shot, but come on this is really riding the line of ‘that’s a crazy lucky image to capture’ and ‘ok, I hope they paid those bugs for their time and got their consent.’ 


I know I’m gonna have nightmares…



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