40/30: A Journey​ Into Mental & Physical Health

Who says New Years is the only time to make resolutions?!

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been writing as regularly as I once was. I’ve been going through some personal issues; mainly my health.

When I first started college, I was a fit 180 pounds. This was due to my high school lifestyle of being physically active and eating right. During that time, I was a trim 28/30 pant size!

Side note: The eating right was due to me living at home and not having my own money to spend on fast food and alcohol. Thanks Mom for feeding me right all those years!

The Back Story

When I went to college, I was left to my own devices. And with those devices, my inner cynical fat kid showed up to wreck the party. I started eating all the overly saturated fatty food that I could get my hands on.

For one reason or another, I had it in my head that I did not trust my school’s salad bar. In fact, I still don’t trust any salad bar. I am not a fan of seeing food sitting out like that, because something in me just says; “You know someone sneezed on that right?” or “They handled the food after rubbing their face or scratching somewhere on their body.” Those kinds of thoughts made a shiver go up my spine every time.

So, I barely ever ate healthy in college. And in fact, I never really stepped foot in the gym either.

In High School, I could bench at least my own body weight. Today, I get a little winded carrying something moderately heavy up a few flights of stairs.

And the worst part was after college, I got a desk job. I sit anywhere from eight to eight and a half hours constantly at this job. My weight ended up bumping up to it’s current status of 250lbs…..give or take 5lbs. because the scales in my house are all but accurate. Damn machines!

All that being said, I tried dieting and working out in the past, but nothing really stuck. I have even tried joining gyms; but whenever I went for a workout, all the equipment that I wanted to use would be taken. Now, I know that is no excuse for me not to try; but add on top of the fact that mentally I always thought other people were watching me. I always thought they were thinking something like “what’s that kid doing,” or “Just pick a machine and get to work, your body will thank you later.” Yes, I know now that people at the gym couldn’t care less about what other people are doing; but back then I was very aware of how much I let myself go. Above everything, however, I was focused on the wrong thing back then. I was thinking about that number 250…250….250! With that mindset, I dreaded going to the gym. I ended up quitting about two years after I joined. I only went a handful of times.


Things need to change. Without going into the more personal aspects of this, let’s just say my body needs a healthy change sooner, rather than later.

selective focus of bald eagle

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com

What Now

I am taking steps to make the changes that I need to happen in my life. I recently purchased a smart wristband; the kind that keeps track of your steps, heart rate and calories burned. This thing also maps my sleep! I now go for a 2.5 mile walk every evening, and I plan on adding more activities like weight lifting and possibly boxing. But for right now, I have to start small.

I have also downloaded an app that helps track the food I eat to keep me accountable.

Here is the big one, I’ve dumped all of my alcohol! That’s right; until I get a clean bill of health I will go without drinking alcohol.

To help me and any of our fans out there who don’t drink, we see you fam!, We have started a new category for non-alcoholic drinks or things for activities people who don’t drink can do with their friends that do.

animal avian beak bird

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Why AM I Telling You All This & Why Would You Care

Honestly, you don’t have to care. That’s the entire point of me doing all of this; including writing this article! My health is determined upon MY actions and willingness to make these life changes AND stick to them. I am putting all of this on here because if I make this part of what I write about I am more likely to stick to it and keep myself accountable.

Once a month I will write an article about how I am doing. Again, not for you, but so I can see it. Also, I hate taking pictures of myself; that’s nothing to do with my weight, I’ve just always been like that. So I think writing about it will help me see my progress without making me push myself too hard and burn out.

All that being said, if ya’ll want to be involved and keep me company on my way to being a healthier me, I welcome it! Feel free to hit me up on twitter, @CSmidwestern. And depending on how many people want to interact, I may start a facebook group so we can all see how each other are doing.






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