Late Night Drinking Thoughts: Fan Submissions

group of people raising hands silhouette photography

Photo by Chad Kirchoff on

Before “Late Night Drinking Thoughts 11” gets released, I want to take the time to thank everyone again for making this one of the best series on this site.

Having said that, I want to expand this a little bit. I want to give you, the fans, the opportunity to be a part of this special series. I want you, the fans, to be able to ask me questions that may come up whenever YOU are drinking.

“But Kellen, how do we contact you?”

It’s SUPER easy; just send your questions to our FACEBOOK page, or MY TWITTER page (@KShermanSports). That way, I can screenshot or link them to a future article and answer them when the beers move me too.

So get those questions flowing ladies and gentlemen, and get ready for what’s to come on “Late Night Drinking Thoughts.”

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