How I Use Snapchat To Motivate Myself To Workout

I am sure by the time this article goes up, my friends and family will be so sick of seeing the same image on my Snapchat stories almost every day.

I am getting ahead of myself, so let me back up.

Let me pose a question for everyone who has a Snacpchat account; how many of you post on your stories and after a few hours, or even the next day, go back and look at your story?

Ever since Snapchat started doing stories, I’ve gone off and on posting on mine. But every time I do, I will go back and look at what I posted later. Yes, I know this may sound vain, but I always think; ‘how did that picture come out again?’ ‘Am I happy with it?’ ‘Did I spell everything correctly?!’ On average, the answer to that last one is NO!

For whatever the reason, I find it difficult to NOT look back at my stories from the day before. I guess you can chalk it up as just another symptom of being addicted to my phone. That being said; recently I have found a way to use this repetitive behavior to my advantage. As I posted in my 40/30 article I have been making some changes to live a more healthy lifestyle. In that article, I talked a bit about my negative mental state when working out in a public area, i.e. the gym. I get these stupid thoughts saying ‘people are looking at you, they know you are going to fail.’ And as I stated in 40/30 and I will state here again; NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! So, you have to do what’s good for you and tell that little voice to go take a long walk off a short pier.

Anyway, during my 2.5-mile walks, I would take a small detour just off the path of the park and run up this hill. For whatever reason, when I started doing this, I took pictures of the hill on Snapchat and put it on my story with a little caption. The captions are just amusing little comments I have about what a pain it is to run up hills. Throw away stuff, a.k.a. not that important or memorable.  

As I kept going for my walks and subsequently my runs up this hill, I would take a picture each time I went. The following day, as I sit at my desk, I look at the picture and that same voice; the one that kept telling me ‘people are looking…’ that voice has changed. When I look at these pictures, that voice has changed into; ‘You did it! Good…Now do it again.’

I still post at least one picture of the hill every time I go. Not for any of my friends, but for me to look at while I am sitting at my desk the next day. And each day, when I look at the pictures of the hill, I think; ‘I want to see this again tomorrow so I know I did something to help me reach one of my goals.’ 


I did it! Good…Now do it again.  




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