Late Night Drinking Thoughts 11

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We are back on that “drinking thoughts” train, and it’s chugging FULL SPEED down the track of enlightenment!

And yes, I did say ENLIGHTENMENT! A drinking thought has the tendency to enlighten us from time to time, and bring us to epic conclusions that we probably never would have thought of when we were sober.

(……….they also bring us stupid ideas from time to time too. But I digress…)

Anyway, how about we get into some more thoughts, shall we?

Have you ever noticed actors or actresses that play common roles throughout their careers? Now by common roles, I’m talking about actors playing characters during their career that all portray similar characteristics. These characters can include anything from “the plucky teenager who is always trying to get the girl,” to “the smarmy greaseball with slicked-back hair that’s always trying to steal your girlfriend away from you.”

Personally, I would LOVE to have that “problem” (if you can call that a problem). If all I have to do is play the same part in every single movie I’m casted in, and get paid millions to do it; then SIGN ME UP!

Can you think of any actors like this; list them in the comments below.

Boxers or briefs? Every person’s wardrobe starts with a pair of underwear; and if you don’t have something that’s comfortable, then your WHOLE day is shot! But the question is, which is the preferred type?

Me personally, I have to go with boxers, 100%! Boxers provide an overall open feel for the wearer, whereas briefs have a tighter, more compact feel. Boxers provide alot more breathability for the wearer as well, whereas briefs leave less room for mobility and air flow. And TRUST ME, if it’s a hot summer day, you do NOT want to be doing yard work in a pair of skivvies that lack mobility and air flow.

But I want to put it to a vote! Which do YOU think is better? Boxers, or Briefs?


Do you agree with my thoughts? And do you have any drinking thoughts of your own? Let me know in the comments below, or on my personal twitter at @KShermanSports

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