Late Night Drinking Thoughts 11.5

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This is going to be a quick edition of “Late Night Drinking Thoughts” for you all. For some reason, this thought did not make it into Late Night Drinking Thoughts 11; but I still wanted to publish it;

Major League Baseball would have made some SERIOUS MONEY if they had a custom jersey for sale in honor of the Yankees and Red Sox series in London. Special jerseys are made for almost every occasion that Major League Baseball celebrates; so why not have one for this series? And I’m not talking about just the patch on the regular jerseys that they had, I mean actual full-fledged custom jerseys.

Looking back at the last few years; I’ve seen light blue for Father’s Day, camo for the Military, and various other different designs and color combinations to go with different holidays.

But, what would they have put on them?

Now, I’m not saying that they should have gone “all out” with some outrageous design that makes the teams look like some random independent league squad. All they need is something simple; like their team name written across the chest in their normal font with the “Tower Bridge” sitting above it. It would still be a basic design, but with a little bit of “London Flare” thrown into it.

Personally, I feel like these jerseys would do EXTREMELY well both at the game and back home in the states. I’ve seen first hand how people go crazy for special occasion sports apparel while working in retail, and I have no doubt that these would have sold like ice cold beer on a steamy hot day.


What are your thoughts on custom jerseys like these? And what are your thoughts on the series as a whole too? Let me know in the comments section below, or on my twitter account at @KShermanSports 

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