From Nuisance To Assistance​ (A 40/30 Short Story)

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If you didn’t know, the good Ol’ U.S. of A is now going through one of my favorite seasons; SUMMERTIME! If you didn’t know that I love summer, then you should go read these two articles; ‘Battle Of The Seasons: Summer’ & ‘Battle of The Seasons: Summer Part 2’.

The summer is indeed a great time of year. However, there are issues with the season that bug people. And as much as I love summer, it does have some elements which bug me to no end.  One of these things use to be those little white fluffy seeds you find floating through the air.

These seeds bugged me to no end because I would always come home with at least one stuck to my clothes.

As I have been going on my daily outdoor walks, something in my mind just flipped on. Instead of trying to push the seeds aside or dodge them; I tried catching them in my hand. At first, because I still saw them as a nuisance, I would try to just catch them. However, because I was trying to catch them by force, they would float right between my fingers as I closed my palm into a fist.

As my daily walks continued and I would see more of these floating through the air, catching them became more of a game than before. I started to slow my hand movements down and focus more on hand-eye coordination. As I started doing more mental exercises, my frustration with not catching those seeds went down significantly. As my frustration went down, I found myself catching more and more on each walk.

Ok, let me see if I can make the above paragraph a little easier to understand. Think of catching the little fluffy seeds as a seen out of the classic 1984 film ‘The Karate Kid’. I would compare this to the simple day to day actions the great Mr. Miyagi made Daniel do to subtly teach him ways to focus and move his body to help with his karate.

Now, I have no plans to pick up karate any time soon. However, catching these fluff balls have helped me train myself to focus and work on my hand-eye coordination in a way video games have not.








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