Carlos Zambrano Is STILL Playing Baseball?

“Big Z” is still pitching? Professionally? reminisces

To be honest, I was LITERALLY in shock when I heard this news. Carlos Zambrano is back on a mound pitching? For The Chicago Dogs?

In all honesty though, he has been playing for the Dogs since the beginning of the season; but I JUST saw a post about it on social media the other day. I couldn’t tell you how I missed this, but I guess I did!

But HOLY COW, Big Z? He basically MADE my childhood when it came to following sports. He was, WITHOUT A DOUBT, my favorite player back then.

I mean, look at some of the moments he brought us? Like his no-hitter for example?

I remember it like it was yesterday; the Cubs needed to play their make-up game with the  Houston Astros on a “neutral field” due to Hurricane Ike going through Texas. And where was that “neutral field?” Miller Park; home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

(Honestly, what genius thought that the Brewers stadium was going to be an acceptable site for this make-up game? But, the Cubs got the W, so I digress….)

Anyway, “Big Z” was able to get through all nine innings, giving up no hits and striking out ten batters. It was an EXCELLENT outing by the ace of the club, and I couldn’t help but be excited for him.

But it wasn’t just the on-field stuff that I remember; there were a few off-the-field moments that really brought a smile to my face.

Remember Mike Fontenot? He was a smaller middle-infielder that the Cubs acquired back in the day. I ask this because Mike and Carlos provided the TV audience with some of the most hilarious pre-game moments that I can remember.

Let me explain; I remember in almost every pre-game segment of these two, they would act out the “hammer and nail” bit. What I mean by this is that Zambrano would walk up to Fontenot and start to pound on his head with a closed fist (not really, but jokingly of course). As he did that, Fontenot would shrink down closer to the ground, acting like the “nail” in the situation. Then, once they did that three or four times, Carlos would pull him up and brush him off. It ABSOLUTELY brought some comedic relief to whatever game I was watching.

(Check out this video here for a better example)

“But Kellen; he had a temper. He got in a fight with Michael Barrett in the dugout one game. How could you POSSIBLY talk this man up?”

Hey “anonymous article critic;” you need to shut your mouth! These guys are with each other roughly 162 games STRAIGHT every year (minus the playoffs). Tensions are going to boil over every now and again, it’s what happens.

BUT, you can never say that “Big Z” was NOT emotional. He loved this game, and wanted to be the very best each and every game.

And now that I know he’s with the Dogs, you BETTER BELIEVE that I will be looking for tickets as soon as possible!


Did you know Carlos Zambrano was still pitching in Chicago? What are some memories that you had of him? Let me know in the comments below, or on my twitter at @KShermanSports

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