What Should I Grow Next?

tow black hair clippers

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on Pexels.com

Honestly, I wanted to get a better answer from this. BUT, a tie is somewhat helpful too.

To provide some context to the situation; I had to shave recently. I had to get rid of the beautiful beard that was upon my face due to outside circumstances, which means it’s time to determine what to grow next.

Granted, I could easily just grow another beard and call it a day. But, I feel like I need to spice it up a bit. I feel like I need to change things around, and choose another style to work with for a bit.

But, which one? Which would be the best?

From the poll, the mustache and chops were tied for the number one spot by voters. Out of the three, they’re the two BOLDEST choices for my face; so I can see why they were voted for so highly.

The ‘stache, for one, would be an interesting choice. I mean, it would make me seem like a badass crime-solver from Hawaii; as well as a “chick-magnet” in the porn industry. The “pros” are ENDLESS!

But the cons……..they aren’t as great. With my build and height paired with a mustache, people may think that I own a white panel van. I don’t, for the record; but you can’t stop a person’s imagination in 2019. It RUNS WILD some times.

When it comes to chops though; I don’t think I have the face to pull them off. In my head, I see chops being more prominent on guys with larger builds. I couldn’t picture a skinny 6’4″ kid from the Midwest trying to strut his stuff with chops on his face. It just sounds……..weird!

BUT, you be the judge! What would be the best look for me? VOTE NOW in the NEW poll below! And, don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments, or on my twitter page; @KShermanSports

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