Late Night Drinking Thoughts 12

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Late Night Drinking Thoughts took a bit of a tumble in recent weeks. With the Fourth Of July weekend and various other events happening in my life, I wasn’t able to put one of these out for a while.

(Also, who wants to READ something after 5 PM during Fourth Of July weekend???)

But anyway, I’m BACK with another one. And I have some MORE thoughts to bring to you all! So, LETS GET STARTED;

If I can smell you two tables away, then YOU are wearing too much cologne.¬†Lay off on the smells bro, you’re grossing EVERYONE OUT………including your date!

I bring this up because the other night, I was spending some time at the local bar with a friend of mine. The ENTIRE time, we couldn’t help but notice an increasingly pungent aroma wafting from the table nearby.

This poor SOB smelled like he bathed in cheap cologne for three hours straight. I mean hell, his date even choked up a bit when speaking to him. But she was still a good sport, and lasted all the way until they got the check.

If you hold the door open for one person, then you should NOT feel obligated to hold it for the people behind them. Granted, I said you should not feel obligated; I did NOT say that you should be an asshole.

Me personally, if I hold the door open for someone, I’ll make sure that the next couple people behind them get through too. It’s the least I can do since I’m standing there. But if it’s more than four people at a given time, then that’s just crossing the line.

When it gets overboard like that, I just give up and cut right in front of the next person who’s about to walk through. I leave my post as temporary “doorman,” step in front of the next person who’s about to walk through, and make my way to wherever I need to go. If they think I’m a jerk for doing that, then that’s on them.


Do you have any beliefs on the thoughts provided here? Let me know in the comments section below, or on my twitter at @KShermanSports

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