Breaking Down The Newest “Winner” To Come Into The News

closeup photo of potatoes

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Ok, this is an ACTUAL title of an article written by¬†Fox News.¬†IT READS, and I quote; “Woman accused of urinating on potatoes at Walmart turns herself in: report.”

…….I literally had to reread that headline multiple times. Someone ACTUALLY walked into a store, and (ALLEGEDLY) peed on a bunch of produce in the middle of the night? For what? A gag? Was she drunk? Why?

According to the article; “the bizarre incident allegedly took place late July 24 into early July 25.”

So think about it like this, those are PRIME times for drinking. If they have to mention that the “incident” allegedly spilled over into the next day; then that would tell me that particular “substances” could have possibly been in play. And according to the tweet within the article, one of her charges WAS “public drunkenness.”

Now, I’m not defending her or her actions under ANY stretch of the imagination. But I have to ask; how the hell could someone have the capacity to do something like this in a drunken state? How would someone be able to walk into a local supermarket, do their business all over a shelf of produce, and walk away.

………I have trouble walking a STRAIGHT LINE during a night out. There’s no way IN HELL that I would be able to accomplish what she did.

Having said ALL OF THAT, this shit is ridiculous. Herself, along with the people licking ice cream and spitting in water bottles, need to STOP what they’re doing. This is a ridiculous and DANGEROUS trend to have happening, and I’m scared for what may come next.


What are your thoughts on this girl’s actions? Let me know in the comments section below, or on my twitter account @KShermanSports¬†

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