You Should RESPECT House Rules!

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Alright, I get it; every game has it’s own set of rules to play by. It’s just the way of life, and you need to live by that. HOWEVER, if someone dubs “house rules,” then you need to respect those said rules. That is the law set in place; that’s how the game is played.

Take pool for example; everyone has learned to play it in different ways. For example, the house rules that I’ve played mention that on a scratch, the opposing player can put the cue ball wherever they want. However, there are some people that play where you have to put the cue ball behind the second line on the opposite side of the break for EVERY scratch shot.

BUT, the constant still remains; you respect house rules.

And what about a game like Beer Pong? Just like pool, there are universal rules that everyone plays by. But, due to restrictions brought about by the table or playing area, some places like to change the rules a bit. Hell, some people even have different rules because they are from different parts of the country/world.

BUT the constant still remains; you respect house rules.

Now granted, there are people that are a-holes who don’t mention said rules before a game to give them an upper hand. They are what we’d call; “douchebags.” But combating this is rather difficult, because nobody who’s been drinking wants to recite every single rule of a particular game at the very beginning. And not only that, the guest of the house doesn’t want to get into some long in-depth synopsis on the differences in various rules.

So, what is the best remedy for this situation?

Personally, I think the guest needs to bring it up at first. The guest should ask something like; “Now, do you play a certain way that others may not?” And when the question arises, it’s the other person’s obligation to think of certain rules that may be different depending on where they’ve learned the game.

This would create dialogue and a better environment for the game to be played. And if some rules are missed, then we would learn as we go throughout the night.

(But when it comes to a bar; that’s basically a free-for-all. However you come to an agreement at a bar is on you).

Or, if none of that works, just don’t let it get to you. It’s just a game!

Have you ever had one of these situations happen to you? Do you agree that you should always respect “house rules?” Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports 

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