4 Last Picks That Will Get A Laugh Out Of Your League

football players

Photo by Joe Calomeni on Pexels.com

By now, you’ve either already had your fantasy draft….or are about to take part in one rather soon. So you probably already know that the last pick of the draft is somewhat of a “throw away” pick. Unless you are extremely knowledgeable about football to make an intelligent pick that late, it’s basically just a “crapshoot.”

But the question is, who are some of the best last picks that you can have? If you’re aiming for something comedic over useful; who would bring about the biggest laugh to your league? Because if you look close enough at the “player pools,” there are some players still in various fantasy databases who are either retired, or aren’t signed to a team at the moment.

Well, let’s take a look at a few;

1. Cody Parkey: Nothing says comedic timing like picking Cody Parkey with your last pick of the draft. The kicker that was absolute garbage for the Bears throughout the entirety of last season rounding out your team is sure to bring a laugh from the other members of the league.

2. Jay Cutler: I mean, why would you NOT draft Jay Cutler onto your team? Just like all of these selections, it wouldn’t help your team at all; but your squad would look WAY cooler in the process.

3. A Punter: Now, if you guys play with punters in your league somehow, then have at it. But in all of the years that I’ve played Fantasy Football, I’ve NEVER needed a punter for my squad.

Having said that, as of writing this, I literally just found a punter in the “free agent” list of my league. His name is Kasey Redfern from the Dallas Cowboys, and you are DAMN RIGHT I’m about to pick him up for my team. I don’t care if it’s not going to help, it’ll still be funny.

4. Rob Gronkowski: If you didn’t draft Gronk with the 69th overall pick, then you did your draft wrong. I know that the 69th pick isn’t the very last round, but that’s just not a joke that you can pass up.


Did you find any other “funny” or “entertaining” picks that you could draft with your “throw-away” picks? Let me know in the comments section below, or on my Twitter at @KShermanSports 

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