Everyone Hates Traffic…….

EVERYONE with a drivers license gets pissed off in traffic in some way, shape, or form; it’s inevitable. And these annoyances can come in all shapes and sizes, such as a minor occurrence that won’t directly effect your life on the road. Not only that, there are also the major occurrence that make you question WHO gave a particular person their license.

But what are some specific times when this happens? When would someone end up getting “pissed off” in traffic? Well, thanks to my brain, and these beers that are flowing through me; I’ve got a few examples;

If you are driving down a busy street with your right blinker on, you deserve to have your license revoked! This is one of those minor occurrences that happens ALL THE TIME. It’s something that really only impacts your life a minuscule amount, but is still extremely annoying when it happens.

And we’ve all been there before; you’re driving a little more cautiously than normal because you are expecting this person to turn at any moment. You’re backing off so that when they do need to turn, you have just enough room to stop so as to not create an accident.

But, that day doesn’t come for a couple miles. That turn doesn’t come, and now YOU look like the moron that doesn’t know how to drive. So you get pissed off and speed up a little bit, only to have them SUDDENLY want to turn at the next intersection to get their overpriced bullshit coffee, and you have to slam on your breaks to prevent havoc from happening.

There is something wrong with you if you stop 30 feet from the next car at a stop light. Honestly, sometimes I wonder how people were ever given a license in the first place.

The other week, I took a trip to good ole’ C.S.’s house to hangout. Along the way though, I got stuck behind what I would consider the most “delightful” driver in the history of driving. (I use the term “delightful” because I’m trying to refrain from saying what I truly mean).

At EVERY SINGLE LIGHT, this “delightful” individual decided to come to a COMPLETE STOP roughly 30 feet away from the car in front of her. This forced myself and EVERYONE behind me to stop early and often as well. And the worst part; for some of the lights, she wouldn’t just “ease into” a stop…….she would SLAM on her breaks! It was INSANE how someone could be THIS BAD at driving.

All I hope is that she got to her destination safely……and LEARNS TO DRIVE!


Do you have any driving stories of your own? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports 

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