Indianapolis Colts Fans Have Been EXTREMELY Spoiled Over The Years, And They Showed That When Andrew Luck Retired

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Colts fans; you’ve been EXTREMELY spoiled over the last number of years. Sure, Andrew Luck had his troubles staying healthy; but think of the run you guys have had.

To start, you had Peyton Manning. That’s right, PEYTON MANNING; the guy that is a few short years away from getting a gold jacket of his own. And how many years was he your quarterback? 13 years……..13 YEARS of having one of the best quarterbacks that this game has ever seen.

And then after that, you got Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck; the guy that led your team to an 11-5 record and a playoff berth in each of his three seasons. Andrew Luck; the guy who put up 20+ touchdowns in each of his first three seasons, INCLUDING a 40 TD performance in 2014 that LED all quarterbacks for that year. ANDREW LUCK; the guy who won Comeback Player of the Year this past season while leading his squad back to the playoffs.

Now, let’s compare that to another list of quarterbacks. Let’s take, oh I dunno; how about the Chicago Bears… hometown team?

Since 1998 (when Peyton Manning entered the league), the Chicago Bears have had roughly TWENTY-SEVEN quarterbacks start at least one game for them during the regular season. Yes, you read that right; there have been twenty-seven DIFFERENT quarterbacks that have started at least one game for the Bears in a 20 year year span.

Do you want to know how many have started for the Colts? That would be a grand total of nine; and that’s really only because of injuries to Manning and Luck. If both QB’s were able to stay healthy during their respective runs, I wouldn’t be surprised if Manning and Luck were the only two quarterbacks on this list. Hell; throw in a couple randoms for Week 17 rests; and you guys would have had roughly FOUR different quarterbacks on this list (give or take).

And you guys want to boo this man? That is the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever heard!

Obviously, there are some mental nuances in play with this situation; so I would personally like to stay away from those because I have no right to comment on them. I don’t know what is going on in Andrew Luck’s mind, and I don’t want to do him a disservice in commenting on what I don’t know.

However, from a football standpoint; I would have been PROUD to have a guy like Andrew Luck on the Bears. Even though the Bears O-Line wasn’t the greatest at times (JUST LIKE THE COLTS); it would have been nice to see consistent quarterback play every now and again. Hell, even though he was injured alot; I would have taken those healthy years from Luck over whatever the hell Jay Cutler gave Chicago.

But when it’s all said and done, I just hope the fans that were there that night thought about their actions. I hope they woke up the next morning, and realized that booing this man was a big mistake. Because after all he’s done for the organization, the last thing Luck deserves is to be booed off the field.

And to Luck, I would like to say that I hope you find happiness in whatever you do post-football. Don’t let any kind of negativity penetrate your life, and just enjoy your life my dude. Happy Retirement Sir!


What are your thoughts on the Colts fans’ reactions to Luck’s retirement? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports 

One comment

  • Your right.
    Colt fans are cry babies. Lol

    I’m a Dolphins fan and since Marino we’ve had ?? at QB.
    And Marino never won a Super Bowl!

    But rumor has it that Luck will be back in a colts uniform next year.

    He didn’t want to deal with the media of when are you coming back from the injury!

    This is only because if the season he was out and struggled with the media hounding him if his return.

    So football fans might see Luck again.

    Nice article.

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