Dream Man-Cave

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Every guy has a dream “man-cave” that they want to build in their house. Some are more elaborate than others, but they’re all still the same; a den of manliness where guys can grunt, drink beer, watch sports, and be MEN!

“But Kellen, what’s your dream man-cave look like?”

Well anonymous article questioner, I’m glad you asked! I’m what you would call a “simple man,” but I am also rather complex at the same time.

To start, picture a larger sized basement that is in sort of a “squared off U” shape. The walls of this room are going to be wood paneling, and hung on that wood paneling are going to be signed memorabilia from all of my favorite players and teams. Adorning these walls will be jerseys from the likes of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears, as well as signed bats, footballs, baseballs, basketballs………you get the idea. This place needs to have a real “old-school” sports bar feel to it, and I will make sure of that.

Then, on the far wall of the room, there will be a gigantic 72 inch HD television that’s sitting upon a large entertainment center made of the finest wood. Within this entertainment center, you will find TOP OF THE LINE movie players and gaming consoles to fit whatever mood that you are in. The rest of the entertainment center will house all of my favorite movies, as well as various speakers and sub-woofers that would tie my surround sound all together.

In front of the television, there will be four recliners that have their very own tables on the sides to rest your drinks and snacks on. Each chair will be powered by an electrical outlet housed under the floor (out of sight), and will have vibrating capabilities as well.

Behind that, sitting against the first corner of the “U,” will be the bar. On the back wall of the bar, you will find The Midwestern Barfly Gazette logo prominently displayed directly in the middle. Then, also against the wall, there will be the various liquors that you can partake in, sitting upon glass shelves in front of a mirror. The bar itself will be made of wood, and a half-moon shape where roughly five people can sit.

Looking in the opposite direction of the room, you will find a pool table with an intricate light fixture hanging above it to further push the “old-school” bar feel. As you walk past that to the next corner of the room, there will be a 36 inch HD TV extending from the wall with one of those bracket systems. That way, it will be alot easier for the pool players to watch the game then having to go around the corner to check the score.

Finally, around the final corner of the cave, you will find a ping-pong table that stretches lengthwise across the space. And on the wall next to the table, there will be a 42 inch HD TV that will also be playing the game. Hanging next to the TV, you will find a chalkboard where guests can keep track of wins and losses, as well as score of their games they play.

Now some may say; “Kellen, that’s a little “far-fetched.” You might want to pull the imagination in a little bit.” To them, I say SHUT UP! Because to me, those who have their imagination constricted are doomed to be pathetic for the rest of their life.


What are your thoughts on my Dream Man-Cave? Would you change anything? And what would yours look like? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports 

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