I Look HOT As A Chick

So this isn’t an ad, I just really enjoyed using the FaceApp app on my phone and wanted to tell you all about it.


So everyone and their mother started using the FaceApp app a while back to make their faces older. But in the same app, there was also a feature where you could make yourself look like the opposite gender.

And let’s just say, I look HOT! I mean, I’m not saying that I’m planning any kind of surgery or anything…….but DAMN! LOL!

It just goes to show, don’t believe everything you see online. When you see that Tinder match on your phone this weekend, question it for a second before you commit to anything serious.


What are your thoughts on my photo? Do you have any face changing photos of your own? Post them in the comments below, or show them to me on Twitter at @KShermanSports 

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