How To Quit Your Job

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Are you planning on quitting your job? Well, here are some Do’s and Don’ts on how to go about it;

Do: Have another job lined up. This means you have been offered another position somewhere else and have taken the offer.

Don’t: Walk out with no prospects.

Do: Give a proper two-week notice in writing.

Don’t: Storm into your boss’s office after drinking through lunch and mumble through a fifteen-minute monologue about how much you hate your position and everyone you interact with on a day to day basis. And DON’T close your rambling with a deep ogre like belch and whisper “I quit” before blacking out on their office room floor.

Do:  Respectfully tell your coworkers how much they helped you during your time at the company & how much you cherished the time you have spent with them.

Don’t: Tell your coworkers how much they annoyed you and how you are tired of hearing how their kids are doing better than you. We get it Tom, your daughter is amazing! Shut the hell up and finish that report before 5!

Do: Provide notes about the things you were working on before you left.

Don’t: Leave a sticky note on your desk saying; “I’ve done nothing since I started here and I’ve continued that trend throughout my experience here. Thank you for the paid naps!”

Do: If you work with clients; politely inform each of them individually about you tendering your resignation and who they might be working with in the future. Ensure them that they will be in good hands. If you are in the middle of a project with any of them, do your best to get it done before you leave. Alternatively, if the project will extend beyond the time you leave; keep your coworker who will be taking over after you leave up to date with the progress of said project.

Don’t: Call each of your clients and tell them specifically why THEY are the reason you are leaving. Alternatively, do not just up and leave without telling any of your clients. Also, do not tell the clients how each of your coworkers is flawed in their own way and they should do their best to get the project they are working on finished before you leave.

Do: Turn in all keys and property of the company to your boss.

Don’t: Steal office supplies before you leave. Also, don’t copy the office keys so you can come back later and steal office supplies.

Do: Be respectful to the HR person conducting your exit interview. If you can, ask to see the questions in advance to better prepare for the conversation.

Don’t: WING IT! Also, don’t go on specific tangents about coworkers or other people you work with and how your cat could do a better job than the guy in the digital department who thinks he is God’s gift to everyone in the company.  Go F#@% yourself Nick! I’ve seen better people skills in the ape enclosure at the zoo!


Knowing the right things to do when quitting your job can help make good impressions on the people you work with. Remember, these people can be listed as professional references when you are looking for another job later in life.


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