I Fell Asleep During The Bears Game, And I’m Not Even Ashamed!

man holding football and football uniform in black background

Photo by Binyamin Mellish on Pexels.com

It took me this long to write this because I’ve been trying to truly wrap my head around what happened this past Thursday. After ALL THE HYPE last season and this offseason, this is what we got?

But come on now; it was BORING! I mean, if you love a stellar defensive matchup and special teams, then this was for you. But besides that, there wasn’t much to get excited about. It was like coming home from college for the holidays, only to find that annoying Aunt Lydia made the trip up from Henderson, NV.

But let’s look at all of this at a glance. Let’s take a closer look at each phase of the game as a whole;


Even though the Bears didn’t get the W, that defense played a pretty solid game from whistle to whistle. Sure, the secondary had some MAJOR flaws in the system; but the front seven were able to hold their own and keep Aaron Rodgers at bay. This squad was able to hold an Aaron Rodgers led offense to only seven points.

Hang on, let me say that again; THEY HELD AN AARON RODGERS LED OFFENSE TO ONLY SEVEN POINTS ALL GAME. In my mind, that is HUGE! When you can hold a team with an elite quarterback like Rodgers to a touchdown for a game, and ten points TOTAL; that’s saying something.

And that great play by the Bears defense was lead by five crucial sacks, including two by Leonard Floyd, and one by Roy Robertson-Harris, Akiem Hicks, and Aaron Lynch. This really helped set the tone for the game as a whole and; if the offense could have done something productive; would have been much bigger than they ended up being.


Oh boy, what can I say about this offense? They were awful? They weren’t all in sync? They looked like a high school team from down the road could give them a run for their money?

Look at Mitchell Trubisky for instance; he finished 26/45 for 228 yards and a pick. To put that in layman’s terms; it was absolute hot garbage. From what I saw, Trubisky and the rest of this offense couldn’t get into any rhythm throughout the game. Not only that; Mitch was off by a TON!

(I’ll refrain from bringing up my thoughts on the Bears drafting him #2 two years ago. I will NOT say that we could’ve had Patrick Mahommes for ALOT less. That’s NOT something that I will do.)

But if anything, Mitchell Trubisky should be THANKING guys like Allen Robinson. Robinson (7 REC, 102 YDS) had to make some miraculous catches to save his QBs butt. I saw back shoulder grabs, and catches in the middle of intense coverage where Trubisky had NO BUSINESS throwing to. Basically, if you ask me, Allen Robinson is THE MAIN REASON Mitchell Trubisky didn’t have a worse game than he did.


EDDY PINEIRO MADE A KICK! EDDY PINEIRO MADE A DAMN KICK! It was one of the funniest field goals that I’ve seen since…..well……the “double doink” from last year. (Even though it wasn’t as “funny” in the moment, but I digress). When he made this simple kick, the entire stadium ERUPTED! It sounded like Chicago actually won something that night.

And Pat O’Donnell…….he had his fair share of work last night. He had eight punts on Thursday, averaging roughly 43 yards per boot. In those eight, he pinned the Packers behind the 20 on three occasions, including a BEAUTIFUL spot on the four yard line that pinned Aaron Rodgers deep in their own territory.


Overall, it wasn’t great. The defense did what it could, but the offense didn’t give them any room to maneuver. But, I pose this question to you; what were your thoughts on the game? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports.

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