Late Night Drinking Thoughts 14

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We are at that majestic part of the year right now, September. It’s that time of year where the pools start to close down, and the fire pits start to LIGHT UP! It’s that time of year where the race for the playoffs in baseball picks up, and football season sparks up.

Basically, the seasons are changing y’all; and as members of this society, we tend to change with it. But one thing that WILL NOT be changing is this series. So having said that, let’s begin;

Why would ANYONE try “catfishing” on a dating website that you have to pay for? And when I say “catfishing,” I mean when someone pretends to be someone else online in order to trick an unsuspecting individual. It’s a HORRIBLE tactic that people use to trick other people online, and there is even a television show that was created because of it.

But the one thing that I don’t understand is; why would someone do something like that on a PAID website? Why would someone purchase a membership/subscription to a well-known dating website…….only to try and play with people’s emotions?

To me, I think that’s an EXTREME waste of money. You’re basically paying $10 (or more) a month to not use something for what it’s intended for? And for what, your own sick game? That’s like me purchasing a healthy monthly food package, but instead ordering cheeseburgers from the local drive-thru everyday… just doesn’t make sense! And if you disagree, then you need to get a life!

Catfishing is a grotesque act that people perform on a daily basis, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Myself and the rest of the folks associated with this website DO NOT condone catfishing in any shape or form. Please, don’t do it!

If you are a “consultant” for someone’s Fantasy Football team, are you entitled to a portion of their winnings? It’s a fair question for some people, and an odd one for others. But don’t worry, let me explain;

So when I say “consultant” for someone’s Fantasy team, I’m basically saying that you are providing them with insight on how to make their team better. When I say “consultant;” you’re basically their go-to source of info to help them in their quest to claim their respective Fantasy Football title.

But having said that; should the “consultant” of the team be entitled to a portion of the winnings? Should the “consultant” of the team be given some of the prize since they had a hand at building the winning squad?

Honestly… depends. It depends on if your friend/relative is a nice person and wants to repay you for helping them. It depends on if your friend/relative asked you for help the entire season, or for just a few weeks.

…….and it also depends on if you’re a greedy bastard, or just love the game of football.

Personally, I just love talking football! And I love helping people out with Fantasy. So if you came to me with a question, I’d be MORE than happy to assist. But some people are different than me; it mainly depends on the people involved, and whatever arrangement they have set up.


What are your thoughts on my thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below, and on my Twitter at @KShermanSports 

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