Cops Finding $6,000 In Quarters In A Woman’s Stroller Is One Of The Odder Stories That You Will Hear About Today

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Some people may read this tweet and ask; “how much would a stroller full of $6,000 in quarters actually weigh? It must be pretty heavy!” I’m not going to lie; when I read this story, I was even asking myself the same exact question.

It turns out that, after tireless research and multiple math equations that led me to using my fingers AND toes; $6,000 in quarters totaled to roughly 300 pounds. 300 POUNDS?!? That’s insane! That’s like the weight of an average NFL lineman. I could only IMAGINE the struggle that this woman was going through trying to push that weight in a baby stroller.

But in all honesty, this is the most “comedic-gangster” thing I’ve read in a long time. And you know what I mean by “comedic-gangster;” it’s like something that you’d see out of a heist movie that was also a comedy. If it was made into a major motion picture, I could see someone like Melissa McCarthy play the part of this woman. That would be HILARIOUS!

However, the question about the weight of the quarters wasn’t the only thing I was inquiring about. I really want to know; what in the WORLD did this woman say to the officers who approached her when she was pushing the stroller? Because you can’t tell me that she was speechless throughout the entire interaction. What could she have possibly come up with that would try and deter them from the situation?

Me personally, I would go with the weight route. I would look the officers dead in the eye and just say; “Yea, my kids’ a fat ass and it’s tough to push him around every day.” Granted, it wouldn’t work in the SLIGHTEST bit; but it’s at least something.

But now the question is, what are your thoughts on this story? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports 

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