You Are A Pile Of Crap If You Talk On Your Phone While Checking Out At A Store

person woman smartphone calling

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It’s one of the RUDEST things that you can do when at a department store. It’s right up there with taking a shirt off a hanger, and just leaving it on the rack without even attempting to hang it back up.

I say this because at the store today, I was standing in the checkout line to pay for my case of beer and bag of Skittles. And sure enough, who do you think was standing in front of me? That’s right, it’s the middle-aged mother with three kids who is ON HER PHONE! She’s literally trying to checkout, talk on the phone, and wrangle her kids up at the same time while this poor associate behind the counter was just trying to do his job.

And obviously, this phone call wasn’t THAT important. I eavesdropped on the whole damn thing; it was basically “soccer-mom gossip” with her best friend. But kudos to this kid for not letting it go unnoticed. Because throughout the ENTIRE transaction, he did his normal “cashier spiel”…….but at a higher volume. It was like he was trying to out-talk the phone call, and I absolutely LOVED it!

You can say that when it was my turn in line, I ABSOLUTELY said yes to whatever he was pitching to me out of sheer respect for what he did. That was awesome!

Long story short ladies and gentlemen, just don’t talk on your phone while you’re in the checkout line. Because honestly, you’re phone call can wait!


What are your thoughts on people talking on their phones in the checkout line? Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports

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