The Most Important Meme In The History Of #MWBFG

I don’t normally get serious or emotional on this website, but I am going to now. I don’t normally like to promote within the website, because that’s what the socials are for. But damnit, I’m going to now.

This meme above; this meme symbolizes what The Midwestern Barfly Gazette is all about. This meme above is something that we want to happen as we progress through the rest of 2019, into 2020, and beyond.

We at The Midwestern Barfly Gazette are here to make this page your go-to source of comedic, informative, or just down right entertaining material on the internet. We want to be your top-of-mind source for articles, and various other forms of content when you are searching through the wide world we call the web.

But the question I have isn’t IF it will happen. The question here is; “When will it happen?”

………and will you be there with us?

“We’re not going ANYWHERE!”

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