MWBFG Picks: Week 6

12-3; THAT’S HOW YOU COME BACK! That’s how you MAKE A STATEMENT after a dismal Week 4; you put up double digit W’s and SHUT EVERYONE UP! If I had a bottle of champagne right now, I’d pop it like the rich people do; have it spray all over my house, making a gigantic and expensive mess.

(But with my luck, karma would make this my best week of the season. So it’s probably best to hold off on the celebrations for right now.)

One of the MAJOR things that kept me from 13 wins was the Bears not showing up when they needed to. That defense let a guy like Josh Jacobs run all over them, even though running back success against this Bears D has been an anomaly so far this season. And not only that; Chase Daniel was rather mediocre throughout this game. I don’t care if he had 231 yards with two scores; the man still had two picks, including one at the end of the game that was WIDLY overthrown down the field.

(Let’s save this Bears rant for another day and move on to some picks, shall we?)

New England beats New York (Giants)

Carolina beats Tampa Bay

Seattle beats Cleveland

Kansas City beats Houston

Washington beats Miami

Philadelphia beats Minnesota

New Orleans beats Jacksonville

Baltimore beats Cincinnati

Los Angeles (Rams) beat San Francisco

Atlanta beats Arizona

Tennessee beats Denver

Dallas beats New York (Jets)

Los Angeles (Chargers) beats Pittsburgh

Green Bay beats Detroit


How do your picks stack up against mine? Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter at @KShermanSports

american football playing

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