The Perfect Evening

kitchen and dining area

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After a long day at the office, nobody wants to go home and do MORE work. After a long day at the office, nobody wants to go home and get ordered around for the entire night. They get that at work, so why should they get it at home.

And because of that, just like my “Perfect Morning” article from a while back; we all have our own “Perfect Evening.” We all have that “Perfect Evening” that we wish for; it’s where everything goes exactly to plan, and you can just relax with the people you love.

To prove that to you all, I want to give you a little glimpse into my perfect evening. I want  to show you just what I’m talking about, so that you truly understand what it means.

Picture this with me folks; I pull into the garage and step out of my Lincoln MKZ. I grab my briefcase from the backseat, shut the door, and make my way inside.

When I open the door leading into the house, I can already smell the slow-cooker ribs that my darling wife has been preparing all day. This aroma just wafts throughout the house, and literally puts my nostrils into a heavenly submission. I make my way further into my home, look to my right, and see that my two lovely children are playing a football game on their gaming console in the living room. There’s a bit of light trash talking and some horsing around, but nothing like how they usually argue.

“Hi Dad,” they yell out to me. “Hey you guys, who’s winning,” I ask back? “I am, but Lizzy’s putting up a fight,” says Dillon.

I make my way into the kitchen and see that my wife is chopping some vegetables to add to the slow-cooker ribs that she’s preparing. I hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek; “Hi Honey, that just smells lovely!”

“You like it? I knew it was your favorite, and wanted to surprise you,” she said. “Well, surprised I am,” I reply.

I walk over to my normal spot at the kitchen table, where the paper was already sitting. I sit down, place my phone on the table, and open up the main section of the paper.

“Here you go dear, your favorite!” She brings me over a 20oz. frosted mug full of beer, along with a bowl of lightly roasted jalapeño flavored peanuts.

“That’s so sweet of you! What’s the occasion,” I ask with a smile on my face? “Oh you’ve just been working so hard and I wanted to do something nice for you,” she said with a wink. “Also honey, you should turn to page four of the sports section. I saw there was an article about that player you like.”

I thought to my self; isn’t she the sweetest? She’s starting to get into sports too. And I did just that, putting down the front page and picking up the sports. I flip to Page 4, just like she said, and found a note. To my surprise, the note read;


The upstairs toilet is on the fritz again. You need to do what you did before to help fix it. 

Also, the PTA meeting is HERE tonight at 7:00PM. No alcohol allowed during meeting. 

Love, Me ❤

Let’s face it folks…….life’s not perfect. It leads you into a false sense of security……..and then just blindsides you like an outside linebacker coming off the edge.

So if you will excuse me, I will be HEAVILY pregaming for this PTA meeting while I’m underneath a toilet with a wrench.


Do you have any “perfect evenings” of your own? And have your evenings ever been blindsided before? Let me know in the comments below, and on Twitter at @KShermanSports

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