Late Night Drinking Thoughts 16

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Let me give you a little bit of insight into my writing process for this series.

  1. I pour myself a drink.
  2. I open up a new draft.
  3. I let the alcohol take me away.
  4. (I check what I wrote the next morning to make sure it’s not riddled with grammatical errors.)

And that’s it! With that formula, I’ve been able to create the most popular series on this website. With that formula, I’ll be able to keep this series going for the next 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years!

Hell, I could keep this series going for the next 100 YEARS if I wanted!

But to do that, we need to get this edition started now! So, without further ado, here are my thoughts for “Late Night Drinking Thoughts 16;”

If you’re a guy, wear a scoop neck t-shirt, and aren’t immensely JACKED; you need to take your happy-ass to a department store and go shopping. Let me get something straight here; I am in NO WAY fashionable. I don’t know what’s cool, what’s not cool, or anything like that. If anything, you could consider me one of those; “if it’s not comfortable, it’s not me,” people.

Having said that; what THE HELL is up with these skinny, bean-pole looking guys wearing scoop-neck t-shirts?

Bro, you look like you draped your mom’s table cloth around your body and stitched it together. You look like you’re borrowing your sister’s boyfriend’s shirt because he’s jacked, and you want to be “just like him.”

Just stop it! Until you can bench more than your bodyweight, you have no business wearing a shirt like that.

Expensive equipment DOESN’T make you better at a sport! I mean seriously, why does your 7 year old need a $300 bat? The kid can’t even get the ball out of the infield!

I mean SERIOUSLY, why does your 6 year old need the most expensive pair of basketball shoes? The kid just scored on his own basket last week.

Trust me, your kid doesn’t need that crap this early in their lives. And quite honestly, they shouldn’t! When I have children, they will have exactly what they need for the sport that they are playing to help them excel. But to tell me that I have put a couple “c-notes” down on a bat just so my kid can go 0-4 at the plate every game is a TRAVESTY in itself. It doesn’t teach the kid a damn thing, and it wastes money.

Now don’t get me wrong though, I’m not completely against buying my child nice things. But they have to earn it! For example; if they are good enough to play travel ball with the older kids when they’re in grade school, then I’ll invest in more expensive equipment for them. Or if they make varsity as a freshman in high school, same thing.

You want to know why? Because it’s a REWARD!!!


But what are your thoughts on my thoughts? And do you have any thoughts of your own? Let me know in the comments section below, and on Twitter at @KShermanSports

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