Does Getting Half-Naked And Climbing Up The Side Of A Prison Equal Romance?

abandoned architecture auschwitz auschwitz concentration camp

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Wow, I’ve had some odd titles in the past. But THIS ONE sure is up there.

According to an article on Fox News“An 18-year-old German man’s last-ditch effort to sway his ex-girlfriend into getting back together got him into a tricky spot when he was caught scaling a 13-foot wall at the local woman’s prison to try and reach her window.”

Now let’s be real here; I’m not really the biggest “romantic” in the world. As you’ve read in my previous articles, I might as well just find a studio in Queens with a dog and live out the rest of my days as the “somewhat most” eligible bachelor of my apartment complex.

But think about it like this ladies; how often do you ask your guy to be romantic? How often do you want him to attempt a “big, romantic gesture” because you want it to be like in the movies? And not only that; would your guy climb up a prison for you?

Because THIS GUY, he wasn’t even dating this girl anymore (allegedly). But he STILL made that “big, romantic gesture” because he felt something for her. He STILL climbed the side of that prison to get to her, with guards and danger surrounding him the entire time.

Basically what I’m trying to get at is…….fellas……..we don’t look great. We swipe right on dating apps while we’re pooping in order to find dates. Some of us are wearing basketball jerseys and sunglasses to dinner dates, which just make you look like a gigantic douchebag.

(If I can be honest, the effort we put in is sad.)

Now, I’m not saying that you HAVE to scale the side of a building to “woo a girl” over. BUT WHAT I AM SAYING is that you need to be careful how you treat your girl. Because there’s always going to be “that guy” that WILL scale a building for her.


What are your thoughts on this story? Would you ever do this to talk to a girl? Let me know in the comments below, and on Twitter at @KShermanSports

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