MWBFG Picks: Week 9……..Let’s Try Something New?

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Well FINALLY, we made it back on the right track. FINALLY, we are back to the winning ways. As of last week, I was able to pull a 12-3 record ONCE AGAIN! I made my picks the way I wanted to, I didn’t “homer” toward any squad, and came out STYLING!

But for this week, we’re going to mix it up a bit. For this week, instead of going with “straight-up” picks, we’re going to go against the spread. (Because I’ve been doing “SO WELL” straight-up, so why not complicate things a bit more)?

Here’s hoping I don’t make a complete ass of myself. BUT, without further ado, here’s my picks for WEEK 9 of the season;

San Francisco (-10) vs. Arizona

Houston (-1.5) vs. Jacksonville

Chicago (+5) vs. Philadelphia

Minnesota (+2.5) vs. Kansas City

Buffalo (-9.5) vs. Washington

Indianapolis (-1) vs. Pittsburgh

Carolina (-3.5) vs. Tennessee

Miami (+3) vs. New York (Jets)

Tampa Bay (+6) vs. Seattle

Detroit (+2) vs. Oakland

Cleveland (-3) vs. Denver

Green Bay (-3.5) vs. Los Angeles (Chargers)

New England (-3.5) vs. Baltimore

Dallas (-7) vs. New York (Giants)


For the record, I am in NO WAY a professional. So if you take my picks and lose, that’s on you! HAVING SAID THAT, I want to see YOUR picks and hear YOUR thoughts! Drop them in the comments below, and on Twitter at @KShermanSports

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