What Age Is “Too Old” To Bring A Glove To The Ballpark?

close up photography of coors light beer near black baseball mitts

Photo by Bekka Mongeau on Pexels.com

It’s one of the oldest odd jokes/unwritten pieces of commentary that has been thrown around. The question has always been; what age is “too old” to bring a glove to the ballpark?

Before we get into it, let me set a scene for you;

When you’re a kid, going to a Major League Baseball game is one of the most fun experiences of your childhood. You become in awe of the gigantic stadium that you step into, and the monstrous colorful scoreboards that appear before you as you step out of the walkway. You bring your glove along for the ride, in the hopes of catching your very first foul ball. It’s the PERFECT day!

…………..then, there is the 35 year-old schmo that is still bringing their same glove that they had when they were warming the bench in JV High School ball. He’s the guys that’s sitting in his seat, chomping on the BIGGEST wad of chewing tobacco, and screaming cuss words at the ump on every single call. This is also the guy who isn’t afraid to stretch his arm out to make a “spectacular catch,” even though he just cost “Little Johnny” a game ball.

So, when thinking about this question, I always go by the golden rule of “give it to a kid.” Granted, that rule is normally saved for the players and personnel on the field; it’s still nice to see a grown-up give a kid a ball from time to time. Because an amazing “first game” for a young fan can change their life. An amazing “first game” has the chance of changing that child’s stance on the game for the rest of their life.

(Also, if you outright keep a ball for yourself after you snagged it from a kid, you’re a pile of crap!)

Not only that, I feel like when you are old enough to pick up a beer, you are old enough to drop the glove. Let me say it again; IF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO PICK UP A BEER, THEN YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO DROP THE GLOVE! You’ve had your chance, so give the kids a better shot to catch it.

HOWEVER, there is one exception to the rule in my eyes; the playoffs. Having the opportunity to attend a playoff game is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some folks; a once in a lifetime opportunity that could be capped off by catching a game ball! So why not have a little extra edge in the process? Because why not, it’s the postseason!

But with topics like these, I’m more interested in what you guys think. So VOTE for what you think below, and let your voice be heard! AND, if you think you’re NEVER too old, comment below and make your case!


And as always, let me know your thoughts on Twitter as well @KShermanSports


One comment

  • Good article.
    21 drinking age.
    No glove.
    Your hands won’t feel the sting with beers in you.
    If you need a ball that bad go to a white sox game.
    1 ball per person.

    Liked by 1 person

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