Shopping Story Part 2(ish): Can Dumb People Get Any Dumber?


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I know, I know; I posted something similar to this before in the article; People Need To Learn How To Walk Through A Store With A Cart. But this situation annoyed me so much, that I felt the need to make a “sort of” Part 2.

So, let’s begin……..

It was a typical visit to the grocery store; I was purchasing my 30 rack of cheap beer and a couple “sixers” of good beer. I brought them up to the register at the front of the store, where I completed the necessary transaction.

I TOOK NO MORE THAN FOUR STEPS FROM THAT COUNTER, and then I am met with the WORST traffic jam in grocery store history. There was an old woman just taking her sweet time walking to the door with her cart. So, that resulted in me shuffling my feet along as we made our way to the “out” doors.

Now, at my grocery store, there are two doors to get outside. There’s the first “inner” door to get into a vestibule where they hold all of the carts. Then, there is an outer door, which evidently leads out onto the street. And not only that, this walkway between the inner and outer doors is EXTREMELY cramped; only one person can get through at a time.

So, this “conga line of catastrophe” finally made it through the first door. I was thinking to my self; “FINALLY, almost there, we’re almost there.”

………then, she STOPPED!!! She literally STOPPED in the middle of the walkway and started to check her purse to make sure she had everything. As she’s doing this, I’m standing behind her stunned, frozen for a few beats because I couldn’t FATHOM what was happening at that moment. She chose THAT MOMENT, when people were piling up behind her, to check her purse?

After I snapped back into reality and assessed the situation, I decided to walk around her and out the door. As I’m making the pass, she decides to SUDDENLY take a sharp left turn and almost run into me. It was HILARIOUS; the fact that she couldn’t see my large 6’4″ frame coming around the corner PROVES that she has NO spacial awareness of any kind.

Now let’s get something straight here; I have NO PROBLEM with people walking slow. Granted, it is a little annoying; but it’s just one of those annoying things that you have to laugh at. There could be NUMEROUS reasons for a person to walk slow, and you don’t know why when you see them.

HOWEVER, stopping right in the center of the “out” lane to get out of the building? That’s like me standing at a urinal texting while all of the other ones are out of order. It’s rude, counterproductive, and pisses the people off who are waiting to use it.


PLEASE tell me; am I’m in the wrong here? Tell me if I’m being dumb and shouldn’t be annoyed! Let me know in the comments below, and on Twitter at @KShermanSports

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