Start One, Bench One, Cut One: Mitchell Trubisky, Rex Grossman, Jay Cutler

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Well Bears fans, it looks like we are BACK into the “bad days” of quarterbacks for our team. In the end, Mitchell Trubisky will more than likely end up as another failed project for the organization, and they’ll need to go back to the drawing board YET AGAIN!

However, this leads to the following question;

Now I get it, this is basically like asking you to choose which “dumpster fire” burns the least. But since the Bears have had a history of mediocrity at quarterback, I thought this would be rather fitting at this point in the season.

(And yes, I’m well aware that I could have mentioned other quarterbacks for this list. But in my 25+ years on this earth, these are three of the most NOTABLE that stand out in my mind.)

So let’s begin;

START: Jay Cutler – Dear lord, I can’t believe I actually typed that. Jay Cutler STARTING for the Bears? Man, I should really stop drinking!

But no seriously, if I have to choose between the three, I have to go with Cutler. Even though it seemed like he was throwing to the other team more than his own, he still was able to do three things that Trubisky and Grossman couldn’t do;

  1. Stay Healthy (To An Extent…..)
  2. Move The Ball (Whether It Was Forward Or Back)
  3. Score (Here’s Looking At You Mitch)

BENCH: Mitchell Trubisky – Let’s be honest here folks; Mitchell Trubisky is still young. Even though the Bears overspent their resources DRASTICALLY on him even though they could have had WAY better options, he’s still a young quarterback. And that’s not a bad thing to have on your bench if you are a franchise that’s trying to build into a contender. Even though he would have to learn while sitting behind Jay Cutler, he’s honestly still a better option than the third quarterback in this article.

CUT: Rex Grossman – HE COULDN’T STAY ON THE DAMN FIELD! Through various reasons, mainly injury related, throughout his tenure with the team; Rex Grossman was able to play in 36 of a possible 96 games. THAT’S A WHOPPING 38% OF TOTAL GAMES HE’S PLAYED IN!

Cutler; he played in 80%. Trubisky; he has played in roughly 73% of games (and that’s including his time missed because he was sitting during his rookie year, and from injuries).

Not only that, when Rex did suit up for a full 16 games, he wasn’t any better off than Jay was. He was able to sling 23 touchdowns, while also getting picked off 20 times. If you’re looking for a consistent QB to start for your team, then he’s NOT the guy for you.


To be completely honest, I love doing “what if scenarios” like this. Since the Bears can’t do ANYTHING this year, it gives me even more time to come up with them. But hopefully, when it’s all said and done, this team can FINALLY get a competent quarterback that can actually produce points on the scoreboard!


What are your thoughts on this scenario that was given? Do you agree with my picks? And do you like these “what if” scenarios? Let me know in the comments below, and on Twitter at @KShermanSports

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