#MWBFG Meme Of The Day 9

We are a few days removed from the craziness that was Thanksgiving weekend, which means the holiday season is officially in FULL SWING! It’s that time of year where you start to see your family members more often than the New York Giants win football games in 2019.

(Sorry Giants fans, I know that was a random shot at you!) Lol

And during those family functions, you tend to have some family members who’s actions can be a bit questionable at times. Some of these said family members tend to partake in a little “too much” alcohol, and tend to get a little more “argumentative” than normal. And the sad part is, the SMALLEST THING can drive this argumentative nature. (Such as, taking the last beer).

So for those of you who have family members like this…….I’m sorry!

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